GiMees Restaurant

GiMees Restaurant

Arizona Salsa Trail Presents Presents GiMees Restaurant

GiMees Restaurant
Mile Post 395.2, Hwy 75
York, AZ 85534

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Tue - Sat
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Providing Exceptional Food for Almost 20 Years

For almost 20 years, this family-owned restaurant has served charbroiled steaks and fantastic Mexican food. The unusual Chile rellenos aren’t dipped in batter and fried — they’re more like a crepe. A hamburger bar with all the fixings from bacon to green Chile to cheese to jalapeño is enormously popular.

“Over and over we get compliments on our food,” owner Holly Scott said. “We have friendly waitresses and plenty of them so it’s as quick as can be.” Located in the small town of York, AZ, GiMees was named for all the times owner Ed Scott said “give me” a nail or hammer as he built the restaurant from the ground up. The Scotts thought about opening a restaurant for a while before finally deciding to go for it.

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