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Join Us for Salsa Fest 2017

Salsa Fest 2017 brings together vendors, live entertainment, and a dozen of the Safford area's best restaurants. For 2 days in September, you'll find food, crafts, a car show, and more. We look forward to seeing you this year!
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Salsa Fest

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Get the Salsa Trail Car and check out the specials. You can pick up your Salsa Trail Card at the Graham County Chamber of Commerce or any of the participating restaurants!
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Arizona’s Salsa Trail | Saffort Mexican Food Fest

Welcome to the online home of Arizona’s Salsa Trail, our annual food fest showcasing the best in Mexican food in Arizona. We bring fun, food and entertainment every September in Saffort, AZ!

More About the Arizona Salsa Trail

Since 2005, when we held the first Arizona Salsa Trail Food Fest, Saffort and area residents have been looking forward to these two days every September when local Mexican restaurants and great local talent come together for some of the best food around.

The Arizona Salsa Trail – Great Events

Beyond having access to a variety of great Mexican food and craft vendors while listening to some great musical talent, this Mexican food fest is chock-full of fun events. Some of these include our popular salsa eating contest, a fantastic car show, the infamous chihuahua races, our chile eating contest, and some great talent performing for you in a variety of acts.

For more than a decade, Mexican restaurants as well as local artisans and performers from in and around the Saffort, AZ area have come together to offer a tasty experience at our Mexican food fest with: culinary delights, crafts, music, art, and more. If you’re here because you’re interested in learning more about attending our next event or you are interested in getting involved as a vendor, performer, or sponsor, you are welcome.

Please give us a Like on our Facebook page to get the latest news on the next Saffort, AZ Salsa Trail. We look forward to seeing you in September on Arizona’s Salsa Trail.

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